Conference on Information-Theoretic Cryptography (ITC)

ITC 2023: Call For Papers

The Conference on Information-Theoretic Cryptography deals with the design and implementation of cryptographic protocols and primitives with unconditional security guarantees and the usage of information-theoretic tools and techniques in achieving other forms of security. The conference takes a broad interpretation of this theme and encourages submissions from different communities (cryptography, information theory, coding theory, theory of computation) that have some components of security and information theory. Areas of interest include but are not restricted to:

  • Randomness extraction and privacy amplification
  • Secret sharing
  • Secure multi-party computation
  • Information-theoretic proof systems
  • Differential privacy
  • Quantum cryptography with unconditional security
  • Oblivious data structures
  • Idealized models (e.g., random oracle and generic group models)
  • Bounded-storage cryptography
  • Private information retrieval and locally-decodable codes
  • Authentication codes and non-malleable codes
  • Adversarial and noisy channels
  • Information-theoretic reductions
  • Algorithmic fairness
  • Adversarial and robust learning
  • Information-theoretic foundations of physical-layer security
Papers on all technical aspects of these and related topics are solicited for submission. This year, we would like to encourage submissions from the information theory community; for example, from (but not restricted to) the following topics:
  • Covert and Stealthy Communication
  • Secrecy Capacity of Communications Channels
  • Private Information Retrieval
  • Private Coded Computing
  • Privacy and Learning
as well as the following emerging topics that have interesting interplay with information-theoretic cryptography:
  • Algorithmic fairness
  • Adversarial and robust learning
We also encourage submissions from the cryptography community for papers that are not only about information-theoretic techniques. For instance, papers that prove a computationally secure construction but where the proof uses information-theoretic techniques. Or papers that offer several constructions of a primitive, some of which are information-theoretically secure.

Papers will be peer reviewed, and accepted papers will be published in conference proceedings and presented at the conference. The proceedings will be published by LIPIcs – Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics under an open access license.

Continuing the successful format from ITC 2020, the conference will feature both a publication track and a spotlight track. The publication track consists of papers selected among the conference submissions by the program committee for publication in the proceedings and presentation at the conference. The spotlight track consists of invited talks (not published in the proceedings) that highlight the most exciting recent advances in information-theoretic cryptography. Such talks can either survey an ITC-related topic that has seen exciting developments in the last couple of years, introduce emerging topics with interesting interplays with ITC or can be devoted to a significant ITC-related result that appeared in a recent paper.

This year, the selection of speakers is conducted by the steering committee and the program chair and is by invitation only.